Cześć! Hello! My name is Tomasz and let me welcome you to our royal capital city of Kraków!

I was born and raised in a charming mountanous town in Malopolska (Lesser Poland) region. As my parents are mountain guides it was no suprise at all that I also wanted to become a guide. And when I moved to Krakow for my studies I fell in love with that city of really impressive history and heritage. I decided to learn as much as it was (and still is) possible about the city and that's why I took part in a demanding one-year course for city guides in 2016/2017. Once I passed all the exams now both my job and passion is to show my beloved city of Krakow to the tourists from all over the world.

Another part of the world which I love and enjoy visiting is former Soviet Union area, mainly Russia, Ukraine and Caucasus countries. I work as a tour leader for Polish groups and show them the most amazing sports and attractions there.

Apart from tourism I have some other hobbies and interests. To me, history was always be my greatest passion. As I graduated from International Relations faculty (MA) I follow the recent events in politics.
Sport plays a vital role in my life as well - I am a wholehearted supporter of Wisla Krakow football club and Formula1 fan.

And what makes me a decent city guide in Kraków? Why you should pick me as your guide? Well, the feedback and reviews I was obtaining from hundreds of tourists say that I am not only knowledgeble but also able share my knowledge with people from different countries and backgrounds. My tourists admit that my comments are really clear for everyone. People feel that during the tours they learn a lot and understand both Polish history and current situation. What's more I always encourage people to ask any questions that they might have and don't leave anyone without an answer to his question.
Some other comments about me came from the genuine reviews of my tourists: extremely enthusiastic, brilliant story teller, my best guide ever, lovely person, passionate guide.

Let me prove that all these descriptions are true 🙂 And even better, I am ready to create a personalized tour according to your wishes and expectations. Feel like having more or less history or architecture on our way? Or visiting off the beaten path districts that only locals know? Just let me know and I will prepare a customized tour just for you!

See you in Kraków!